Showing off their new hair
Diane, Jessica and Marc enjoying dinner at an outdoor cafe on Ben Yehuda Street
Touring very impressive castle with the Queen of my heart ...only Diane
Amy (L) and Nancy (R) bring cheer and corned beef to cheer-up ... only Diane (Center)
Possibly at risk - our beautiful daughters - Jessica and Meredith at Meredith's Bat Mitzvah, May 13, 2003
Diane, Eve, Jessica and Marc celebrate Diane's 50th Birthday venetian style
Diane and Monte relax
Jackie, Diane's surgical nurse gives her a beautiful bouquet of white tulips to celebrate her last treatment
Diane's last treatment, the chemo nurses and their happy face examination glove proudly declaring
Marc and Diane clowning around
Darlene, Eve, and Diane celebrate Eve's 83rd birthday
Relay for Life
Luminary of Hope in honor of Diane