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* "Your journal is invaluable. It is priceless and would help an enormous amount of people faced with this same situation...Thank you for making every one of us feel better."

* "Another thanks for the "E" book. Selfishly, it made us think how we would cope with a great trauma in our lives. We hope we would face it as courageously as you have, and it helps us put aside petty problems."

* "All I can say right now is thank you to you both for your sharing your lives with all of us this past year. Your updates have certainly had a profound impact on me."

* "I have read your updates on Diane, and you write from the heart. This last one made the tears travel down my cheeks. I shall miss your writings as I have enjoyed your wit while dealing with all that has happened to Diane."

* "Thanks so much for letting me be your friend for so long. The grace with which you conduct yourself keeps me humble. Of course you can beat this thing. Nothing has ever stopped you before so why should anything get in the way now. Thank you Marc for the lengthy and from the heart e-mails. All of us who love both of you are grateful for the updates and hang on your every word."

Hear What Others Say

"Reading Marc’s series of e-mails was like reading a great novel. They were filled with suspense, humor, and unconditional love.

Each time I read one of his updates, I found myself looking forward to the next installment." Erica Serlin, clinical psychologist, Madison, Wisconsin

When Erica Serlin began receiving e-mails from Marc regarding Diane’s cancer surgery and treatment, she was initially happy to be kept in the loop of information. But the more updates she read, the more she realized how valuable Marc’s writing had become.

"It was a way for me to be closer to them and to experience Marc’s love for Diane. I also heard others say the same thing, those who were among the huge, caring community who had come to count on Marc’s writings."

She also found that Marc’s e-mails had a lot of useful hands-on information about the health care system. "It was a look at an unfamiliar world for most people, but the information he passed on may be extremely helpful if any of us were to face similar situations."

Serlin notes that as she followed Diane’s journey throughout her surgeries and cancer treatments, she was often struck by Diane and Marc’s positive attitude under pressure. "No doubt their joie de vivre helped them through this. They both have courage under fire, but their positive attitudes seemed to benefit them the most."

"I lived in fear that my computer would crash and I would no longer be able to read Marc’s series of e-mails or receive updates from him," says Francie Smith Soposnik.

Francie Smith Soposnik, a social worker with Jewish Social Services in Madison, Wisconsin, and Director of Senior Services, says, " Marc and Diane Krasnick’s series of e-mails spoke to me both personally and professionally."

Francie continues, "It was wonderful to see people make lemonade out of lemons, and for the group of recipients who received the steady flow of updates, vicariously feel Marc and Diane’s faith in themselves and in a higher power."

Francie marvels, even now, at the emotional and physical energy it took for Marc to faithfully write friends about Diane during the family’s time of crisis. "If I were to experience a similar crisis, no one would probably hear from me." She says Marc’s now legendary writing shows his consideration and kindness for others during his own time of crisis.

Looking back, Francie, who has known Diane for about a decade, says the experience of following Diane’s progress of fighting cancer through Marc’s e-mails, was inspirational and binding. "For me personally, it was wonderful to see Diane use music throughout her arduous journey, which ranged from taped music she selected during her surgeries to the use of music during her chemo treatments."

Diane was a continuous source of inspiration to those around her even on her darkest days. "On a very cold windy day, as she herself was facing death, I will never forget the memory of her conducting the funeral of a friend who had been part of her entourage of admirers."

"The quality, if not the quantity, of life can be affected by the morale booster (as well as healing techniques which can be applied to anyone) of this important book. Reading the book---most people read it in one sitting--increases the satisfaction with life in general, and helps people enhance their ability to cope, whether they’re elderly or young, healthy or sick."